If you are looking for quality translations or interpretation services  – look no further!

I have acquired a near native level of English through my language studies, living and working abroad for many years.

I also speak Welsh. But as it is one of the oldest – and most complicated languages in Europe  - I generally offer translations from Welsh into the target language (English, German) only. But my freelancers can certainly accommodate anything on request.

My son Yannick grew up trilingually (English, German, Welsh) and learned French as well. Him and his brother Anthony are more than happy to help out or function as native editors if needs be. 

The same goes for Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. I learned Spanish at Business and Language School  and spent a few months in Spain this year to refresh it and also went to Brazil to improve my Portuguese. For these language pairs I offer solely first level translations – which some people might regard as over the top perfectionism...

However, I see this as the only way to really ensure the 100% satisfaction guarantee of my customers.